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Our Team

David De La Motte

David was brought up around photography with his international award-winning Uncle whom he was named after. In 1990 when travelling around the world David decided to spend some time with his Uncle in Australia to learn the ropes of the business and join the industry full time.

He prides himself on being a people person and staff claim he has the powers to get inside his subjects head and hypnotise them into submission. Photography is one of those strange talents. You can learn the skills and the rules, yet to become an award-winning photographer like David part of your photography comes from your soul. A skill which cannot be taught is that you feel, as well as see when to take the image. This is evident in his unique style of photography.

As well as regular customers David is frequently commissioned to photograph clients all around the world, with his work hanging in clients houses in Switzerland, Poland, France, Bermuda, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Although David gets asked to photograph some famous faces he much prefers his non famous clients who allow him the privilege of getting up close and personal with their family to capture their very souls and personalities.


Claire Iliffe

Claire joined the De la Motte team in 2009 and has carved out her own unique shooting style in the studio which is strongly influenced by Henk Van Kooten. One of her nerve-wracking highlights was when Henk chose her images to critique at a training seminar. She came out of it smiling and with points to work on. Claire loves her maternity, newborn and toddlers and in complete contrast teens with attitude. She used these her favourite sessions  to compile her qualification panel which she passed in 2011. You'll also meet Claire in the design room as she loves showing clients their images, and creating beautiful pieces of wall art with them to their brief.

Millie De La Motte

Millie runs the reception on Saturdays and holidays. The eldest daughter of David and Yvonne she has been brought up around the business and is brilliant at putting clients at ease before they go into the studio. Millie is always a favourite with the children especially when she gets the lolly jar out for them at the end of their photo session.

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