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Time seems to fly by at an ever increasing speed and families grow up and move on in the blink of an eye.

We want to preserve those special times, so that every day you can look at your family photograph and smile as those memories come flooding back, and the loving bond which holds you together as a family, is there for all to see.

We know that most people dislike having their photo taken, but don't let that stop you preserving your family image, now, and for generations of the future. You keep putting it off, and before you know it, you can't get everyone together.

Too many people still have that stereotype image of portrait studios, straight backs, uncomfortable poses, smile on cue. Other studios have gone to the other extreme and have you bouncing around on space hoppers, although fun, not at all flattering. No it's not like that at De la Motte studio. We do position you in a relaxed modern way so that you look your best (we all want to look as slim as possible) No you don't have to smile on cue. Your De la Motte photographer talks to you throughout the shoot which allows them to get a range of expressions

We bring you together as a family to have a great experience, brilliant memories, all tied up in fantastic, flattering photos which you can look at during the chaos of everyday life, and relive the fun you had as a family that day.

We know we have done a fantastic job when clients leave with their finished images and a week later their friends are phoning up to book in after seeing their wall art. As well as regular customers David is frequently commissioned to photograph clients all around the world, with his work hanging in clients houses in Switzerland, Poland, France, Bermuda, South Africa, Australia, and Canada.

No matter whether you live near or far each family is special and important to us here at De la Motte studio.


    Makeover & Fashion Shoot

Time for YOU.

Makeup by a professional artist and a photo shoot with a top photographer will boost your confidence while having fun.

Do you want to look natural, glamorous,  funky, or sexy? The choice is yours and our team of professionals work together to create the look and styling which matches the outfits you have chosen to bring along.

We do not expect you to know what to do. We have been making women look fantastic for over 20 years so simply trust us. Your photographer will explain how to pose to make you look your very best, we take our inspiration from the latest trends and fashion magazines.

So whether you are a Mum and Daughter, a fashion conscious teen, a Mum who wants her identity back, or a lady who wants glamour injecting back into her life we can pose and create that 'wow' factor just for you.


Congratulations. What an exciting time for you, your partner, and your families.

Let De la Motte studio have the pleasure of capturing your beautiful shape, and joy as you are about to become a Mummy.

A truly personal, memorable, experience capturing your shape, radiance, peace, anticipation, and excitement.

As you and your partner enjoy the excitement which builds as little one's arrival grows ever closer your De la Motte photographer will capture that excitement and closeness that you are enjoying as a couple.

The optimum time for maternity sessions is 32-35 weeks don't leave it too late to book your session as your baby may arrive a little sooner than you planned.

Your photographer will prepare you on what to wear, and what to bring along to your session. Some ladies do worry about showing bump as they have stretch marks. Don't worry our professional editing team can remove them if you are conscious of showing them.


Finally you have met your little one, your life has changed forever this is a truly magical time.

We want to capture the very start of your child's life within the first 8 weeks of their arrival into the world, those little toes, chubby tummies, and gorgeous sleepy shapes which newborns can be easily positioned into.

Capturing these unforgettable early stages of your baby's life will create memories that will never fade and photographs that you will treasure forever. As parents David and Yvonne appreciate how valuable those early amazing images of your baby are.

Four weeks into their life and little one will already be changing, you can not turn back time, this stage of their life will never be captured again.

To ensure we are able to fit you into the diary we strongly suggest bookings are made before little one arrives. Yes we can move appointments as they like to keep you guessing on exact arrival dates.

Your session will last up to two hours, after a feed before going into the studio babies usually sleep soundly, especially in the warm cosy environment we create for them. The time allows for feeding and cuddling if needed, but the rest of the time Mum can relax as your little one is in safe hands with our expert team who are used to handling and positioning tiny newborns.


What is it?

A lingerie photo session that enables you to feel relaxed about your body shape, sexy, and empowered.

Whether you choose to bare all, or keep covered, it is your journey, and your choice. It is down to us to create body sculpting photography that shows you how gorgeous you are.

Boudoir is full of mystery, intrigue, temptation, opulence, and sexiness. TV programmes have highlighted that real women are now in vogue. You don't have to be a certain size to look and feel feminine. The ageless, sexy feel of Boudoir embraces ladies with curves.

Our professional makeup artist will create your look before you go into the studio with your award winning photographer David De la Motte. He will guide you through poses, and expressions, to show your sexy curves, and bring out your inner confidence.

The hardest part? That will be choosing your favourite images from your session.


From the giggles of babies to the fashion styling of teens at De la Motte photography we capture it all

We have been privileged over the last 20 years to document clients entire childhood  capturing fabulous moments of their ever evolving personalities. As time passes these images become more precious.

We all know with hindsight just how quickly the years pass, so it's important that you capture those different stages to keep those memories forever.

A photo shoot at De la Motte studio is full of fun and laughter. If your child is relaxed their true personality shines through. We want to capture those different sides to your child's personality. We do this by getting to know them during the shoot, and allowing them to be themselves, not forcing them to fit a stereotype for our convenience.

We ask you to bring along some props with you to the photo session. Items such as favourite toys, or dressing up clothes, or props for their hobbies these can really bring out the character of your children and help them to relax and have a great time.

Your children will have a fun time, you will be left with unique photos of your loved ones which capture special memories and will bring a smile to your face each time your look at them.


With our couples shoots we want your  love to show through in the photographs. For the two of you to appear as one.

For this session we begin with a consultation on what you are like as a couple together. This then determines how the photo shoot takes place. As we personalise each session to our clients you dictate how the shoot will go, are you a fun couple, huggy, intense, loving, strong personalities? Each couple is different, and at De la Motte studio each shoot is purely for you.

We will ask you to bring different outfits which fit in with the things you like doing as a couple, dressed up to go out for a meal, jeans and wellies as you go on walks, and also props for any hobbies you enjoy together or individually. A detailed consultation with one of our photographers before your appointment will help you to decide what to bring along.


As a  nation we love our pets they are loved members of our families so need to be included in the family photograph.

We don't mind whether they are lively creatures, well behaved or pets enjoying the later stages of life our De la Motte photographer will work with you and use your relationship with your pet to  bring out their personality and capture special images which document your pets relationship within the family.

To help them settle and relax we ask you to bring along a couple of props such as a favourite toy and don't forget to pack their treats to help bribe them into playing along.

We will photograph you all together so that your pet has you close by and your reassurance settles them into the environment, once they are settled down we will also photograph them on their own, looking for those photographs of your pet that make stunning portraits to grace the walls of your home..

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