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About Us

De la Motte Photography is one of the West Midlands oldest, largest and innovative, family run portrait business.



David's first studio was compact, used medium format negatives,and even had a dark room in which David used to create his beautiful images. Technology and styling moved on,  digital took over and David De la Motte moved with the times.



In David's opinion traditional skills are something, which are being overlooked. Nowadays newcomers to the industry rely on digital to rectify mistakes, rather than using it purely as a tool for art. That is one of the things which sets De la Motte studio apart from others in the industry.



Also all the De la Motte photographers are taught the old school techniques by David, attend regular training courses, and have to get their qualifications in the industry. We know we are capturing a piece of your family history and we take great care and pride in creating only the highest standard images which will last the test of time and be there for future generations to admire.




David believes you never finish learning and although he has won several awards over his 20 + years in the industry, he still attends courses  by world-renowned photographers . David is often called upon to advise and train other photographers and is the member of several elite photography groups who's membership is by invitation only.


The studio was personally designed by David to allow a creative space for photographers, and a relaxing friendly atmosphere for families. We have easy on site parking, changing facilities, a dedicated camera room, makeup room, and design room. Our small but dedicated team of professionals pride ourselves on our personal service, and this is one of the reasons our customers say they keep coming back, or recommend us to their friends.



De la Motte photography is an investment. As Karl Lagerfeld said "what I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever , impossible to reproduce." That is priceless.

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